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This product has been identified as a gun magazine accessory or component, or a shotgun extension tube. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon of gun magazine accessories or components, and shotgun extension tubes, including those marketed for air guns, airsoft guns, or paintball guns.

OPSol's appeal response:

The OPSol Mini-Clip is neither a gun magazine accessory or component.  The Mossberg shotguns that the OPSol Mini-Clip functions with do not have magazines.  They have tube assemblies. To that point, it is not a shotgun extension tube and has nothing to do with that component of the shotgun.  The OPSol Mini-Clip, if anything, is part of the receiver’s elevator assembly. It is simply an adapter that allows a shorter shotgun shell to more reliably function in Mossberg shotguns. Being able to use the shorter shells reduces the recoil which is very important to female and elderly sportsmen.  

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