OPSol® Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex (12ga)


  • Adapter allows use of 12ga 1.75″ Birdshot, Buckshot, and Slug Shells
  • Only fits: 12ga Mossberg® 500, 500A, 590, 590A1, and Maverick® 88 models, and the 12ga Shockwave Firearm

Home Defense For the Whole Family in 3 easy steps:

  1. 12ga Mossberg® Shockwave
  2. OPSol Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex®
  3. 12ga Buckshot short shells
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The Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex® has the flexibility to accommodate a wider range of short shell lengths, should Aguila® or Federal® ever want to make an even shorter (or longer) short shell.

Re-loaders were very interested in this accommodation, as well as buyers of Exotic Products Shorty shells in varying lengths.  The Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex® feeds all but the longest in their line, the 3 Buck.

Ships USPS first-class mail with tracking, usually same or next business day, with a postcard-sized insert in a padded envelope.

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Product: OPSol Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex®

Patent No: US D857, 832 S

Designed, tested, and made in Texas, USA

A Veteran Owned Business

What Customers Say


“Purchased your Mini-Clip for use in a Shockwave, works flawlessly!”

“It works as advertised”

“A lot of bang for the buck! (Pun intended)”

“Amazing product!”

“Cycles each round perfectly. A must product for any age. Reduces recoil significantly.”

“Works like a charm!”

“Cycles minishells flawlessly.

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