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Tested: Mossberg Retrograde 590A1 12-ga. Shotgun

by B. Gil Horman – American Rifleman, Wednesday, October 2, 2019

To ensure proper feeding with 1¾” shells in Mossberg 12-ga. pump actions, OPSol Texas offers the affordable Mini-Clip. For this review, I worked with the latest version, the 2.0 Flex. It’s a wedge-shaped rubber block that fits Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1 and Maverick 88 models. The Mini-Clip acts as a buffer to position the Mini Shells in just the right spot to chamber properly as they move from the magazine to the elevator assembly. You just press it into the opening in the underside of the receiver nearest the shoulder stock. It can be installed and removed manually, no tools required. If you want to fire 2¾” or 3″ shells, just pull the Mini-Clip out of the receiver.

Opsol Mini Clip Mossberg Retrograde

Although Aguila Minishells used to be about the only option for short-shell shucking, other companies are quickly getting on board. This year Brownells became the exclusive American distributor for Challenger Ammunition’s 1¾” Super Short Shells, which are manufactured in Canada. Brownells currently offers two Super Short loads including a 5/8-oz. #7½ lead birdshot round and a 14-pellet #4 Buckshot load. Both shells have a listed velocity of 1200-fps. The shells I worked with were neat, clean and well made. They functioned flawlessly in the Mossberg 590A1 when the Mini-Clip was installed in the receiver. At $6.99 per 20-round box, they are half the price of the Aguila offerings but, as of this writing, there’s not a slug load available in the Challenger line up.

Opsol Mini Clip

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OCT 25, 2019 

Thoughts on the OPSol Mini-Clip

I owned the original OPSol Mini Clip, and never experienced an issue. I ran it exclusively in my Shockwave and always had a ton of fun.

Eventually, the OPSol 2.0 was released to accommodate a wider variety of shorter shells. This Flex model was apparently designed to accommodate different-sized mini shells should someone else ever make them. Either way, installation is easy, as is removal. It’s cheap, reliable, and seemingly very durable.

Tested: Mossberg Retrograde

What People are Saying

” I’ll just say that it works as advertised. A lot of bang for the buck! Pun intended. “

-OPSol TX Webstore Customer

“I have been shooting for years (military/recreational/hunting) and recently purchased a Mossberg 590 Shockwave w/ OPSol Mini-Clip so we can chamber/fire 1.75” Mini-Shells. Purchase was mainly for something smaller my wife could handle around the property for home defense, as well as the ability to scare away unwanted critters (like bears!). 

Let me just say, your product and these shells are a BLAST to shoot!

Very glad I made this purchase. Thanks for a great product.” 

-OPSol TX Webstore Customer

“Purchased your Mini-Clip for use in a Shockwave, works flawlessly!”

-OPSol TX Webstore Customer 

It works, Nuff said..

– Amazon Customer

Great product, works every time.”

– Amazon Customer

Works like a charm! Cycles minishells flawlessly.”

– Amazon Customer

 Amazing product. Cycles each round perfectly. A must product for any age. Reduces recoil significantly.”

– Amazon Customer 

1st one is great, need another.  Thank you.

– PayPal Customer

Great piece of gear. Worked flawlessly with Aguila minishells out of a 590A1. 20″ barrel is 8+1 with minshells is 14+1.

– Amazon Customer

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