Buyers BEWARE, We have taken the Amazon link down as customers have alerted us to the fact that Amazon has co-mingled our inventory with that of counterfeit sellers.  They said it can take up to 5 days to separate the fakes from our stock. In addition we have finally received 2 orders "sold by Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon" expecting fakes as we have NEVER sold Amazon a single OPSol Mini-Clip. Both were surprisingly authentic but naturally so as they came from OPSol Mini-Clip's inventory sent to fulfill our orders. They had identifiers on them.


eBay has plenty of counterfeits but this seller is legit:


The Ammunition Fairy:


In Lubbock, TX get your OPSol Mini-Clip at:

LSG Tactical Arms, 2650 34th St (34th and Boston, Northeast side)  Ask for Steve.


And many other fine gun shops across the USA including but not limited to:

Bespoke Sporting Goods

Eagle Pawn

Gold Mine Pawn Shop