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Allows use of 12ga 1.75” Birdshot, Buckshot, and Slug shells              

Fits: 12ga Mossberg 500, 590 (including Shockwave), 590A1, and Maverick 88 models

It can be installed (for the MiniShells) and removed (for Full Size Shells) based on the shell size the operator chooses, in under 5 seconds.

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In Lubbock, TX get your OPSol Mini-Clip at:

LSG Tactical Arms, 2650 34th St (34th and Boston, Northeast side)  Ask for Steve.

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The OPSol Mini-Clip™ was designed to give “well seasoned” and “recoil sensitive” shooters the capability of shooting the trusty Mossberg 12ga platform without the usual recoil response. By using The OPSol Mini-Clip™ in conjunction with 1.75” shotgun shells, shooters stay in the game without all of the pain.

OPSol Mini-Clip

What people are saying:

"It works, Nuff said.."

- Amazon Customer

"Great product, works every time."

- Amazon Customer

"Works like a charm! Cycles minishells flawlessly."

- Amazon Customer

" Amazing product. Cycles each round perfectly. A must product for any age. Reduces recoil significantly."

- Amazon Customer 

"1st one is great, need another.  Thank you."

- PayPal Customer

"Great piece of gear. Worked flawlessly with Aguila minishells out of a 590A1. 20" barrel is 8+1 with minshells is 14+1."

- Amazon Customer

                Allows use of 12ga 1.75” Birdshot, Buckshot, and Slug shells                 

Fits: 12ga Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, and Maverick 88 models

Below are some points about the OPSol Mini-Clip:

- use with Aguila Birdshot, Buckshot and Slug offerings in Mossberg 12ga 500, 590 and Maverick 88 models
- easily installs and uninstalls in seconds to allow use of 1.75", 2.75" or 3" shells as desired by user

- practice with less expensive Aguila birdshot as the recoil response vs. Aguila buckshot is slight

- low recoil of buckshot allows for safe, easy and comfortable aiming and discharge with pistol grip configurations (with proper grip/face clearance, of course). Not confined to hip and laser shooting

- Mini-Clip stays in well, but may want to tape in with electrical or Gorilla tape for close contact or heavy foliage environment applications


The OPSol Mini-Clip™ was designed for recreational shooting. Any other use is at the personal discretion of the shooter. Be sure to follow safe firearm practices, and adhere to federal, state, and local gun laws. Any questions or issues with The OPSol Mini-Clip™, please contact us through OPSol will not be held responsible for any actions resulting from the use of this product. The OPSol Mini-Clip™ has been tested to cycle over 1000 Minishells, and should last for years before the need for replacement.

Designed in Texas
Tested in Texas
Made in the USA (Texas)
Veteran Owned